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This amazing penthouse is located in the thriving area of Brussels, along the canal. The particularity of this flat is its layout, it gives a 360 degree view on the capital.
The client's wish is to have a modular flat, where the spaces can evolve on a daily basis, according to his habits and preferences. To achieve this, the furniture moves and transforms to create unique spaces. We have called on one of our top Italian craftsmen. Every detail is carefully studied, from the simple door handle to the sliding partition systems.

The use of several materials is a richness for the design because the result is the creation of unique and spectacular works. In this composition of surfaces, we find wood and different types of metals. A play of textures is created between the different vertical reliefs of the Wenge wood, and the visual disorder of the perforations of the metal panels. The latter is an exclusive technique created by our craftsman, which consists of spraying liquid metal into the wooden panels. With this process, we obtain metal panels, but without the constraint of weight.

The entrance is through a magnificent armoured glass door, this transparency is sought by the client. Wooden panels cover the walls and ceiling of the entrance hall and the kitchen, to create a visual delimitation. The different accesses to the rooms and the dressing rooms are integrated into the composition. The doors merge with the panels to form a coherent and unified whole.

The terrace is divided into three parts: dining area, relaxation area and spa area. We opt for the predominance of a raw material, corten, which gives it character, just like the whole design of this flat.