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isabel gómez

FOUNDER, Ceo & Creative director 


ith offices in Belgium and shortly, Luxembourg,    Isabel    Gómez   is

ith offices in Belgium and shortly, Luxembourg, Isabel Gómez is  the   fashionable   tastemaker   and    award-winning   interior  the

fashionable tastemaker and award-winning interior  designer behind her namesake design and architecture firm. For over a decade, she has been applauded for designing haute couture interiors that are bold, eclectic and sophisticated. From Brussels, Den Haag, Ankara to Paris, Isabel partners with her discerning clients to design private residences that are mindful of their unique personality and properties. Applauded for her signature design methodology, Emotional Luxury® Isabel’s work represents the gold standard of joyful living. Isabel’s aesthetic? She is obsessed with soul, grit and emotion, in any genre. 

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The studio creates luxurious yet livable homes, and strives to provide exceptionally high levels of service to international customers around the world. The objective is to surpass expectations, with a particular emphasis on detail, not only in design and aesthetics, but in driving progress.

The focus is neither the size nor the type of project but the opportunity to enrich lives and enhance the environment. The attention to all elements of design has been a constant in the firm’s philosophy.

True craftsmanship defines the Studio. Using the most special and traditional crafts from every corner of Europe, the team work alongside talented artists in order to create truly bespoke interiors by designing and producing joinery and wall panels, furniture and lighting, floorings and breath-taking carpets – true beauty with strong attention to detail.

Isabel has a rare ability to visualise the possibilities of any space and has a great sense of style, which combined with her willingness to push the boundaries, translates to unique and beautiful designs. As Principal Designer, Isabel oversees each project to ensure the design reflects the wishes of the client and incorporates the design quality of Isabel Gómez Studio