Graphic house

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Luxury duplex

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Located in the heart of the European quarter in Brussels, this 200m2 apartment captivated the owner with its location and spacious volumes. Upon entering, we are greeted by exceptional custom-made metal cladding from Italy. Horizontally oriented, it presents a palette of bronze colors. It is surprising because it conceals numerous storage spaces and provides access to the spa.
Next, we discover a large living space with a monumental quartzite fireplace surround as the centerpiece. The high ceiling is highlighted by the verticality of this Patagonian stone and the metal bookcase.
The master bedroom has also been reimagined. Upon entering, we are faced with wallpaper in the shape of a double arch that encompasses the bed and bedside tables. Opposite, a wardrobe visually echoes this shape and is painted the same color as the rest of the room.
This project has been conceived in its entirety, and every detail has been carefully considered. The living spaces are now more functional, as ergonomics and materials have been adapted according to the young and dynamic lifestyle and personality of the client. Graphic and organic forms now harmoniously coexist in the spaces, aided by surprising and bold colors.
GRAPHIC, PLAYFUL, and BOLD are the keywords of this project.